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LandMan Law Chambers is recognised as a leading law firm in Dubai UAE. We have 16 teams and 24 individuals ranked as leaders in their field by the premium legal directories.

We are a modern law business that is proud of the people we work with – both our clients and our employees. We care about our clients and put you at the heart of what we do. We work to truly understand you and your needs, and tailor a solution to meet them.

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We have one foot in the Thames Valley and the other in the thriving inward investment market , we are perfectly placed to support businesses, both regionally and across the US.

LandMan Law Chambers Private Client teams can support you and your family through every major life event. We help you to understand what are the best choices for you, and make the law work to deliver on those choices. Our teams have a vast amount of experience in working with High-net-worth individuals and families, and can manage the most complex of emotional and financial situations.